Life is a series of experiences driven by our desire to seek connection and enjoyment. We believe in the power of positive brand engagement to create meaningful connections with customers to enhance their everyday life, bringing in a little touch of luxury and moments of joy.

Alison Grace Ventures proudly creates and manages luxe lifestyle brands which champion self-care, body positivity and fun!


Hannah is a digital marketing and brand specialist with extensive experience in FMCG product development and promotion, particularly in the beauty and wellness space. Hannah has a passion for design and loves to bring a touch of luxury, style and class to every project.

Clare is an operational executive, with experience in the governance, finance and legal operations required to establish and run profitable businesses. Clare is driven to create streamlined business structures which maximise operational efficiency through the use of well structure business procedures and policies.

Our Brands

Our Philosophy – People sweat. How you deal with it is not a matter of shame but convenience and comfort.

Product Launch May 2023

Creators of Luxe Lifestyle Brands.

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